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About Us

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*Pick Up Only For Online Purchase*

Make your way to Maximum Load Fireworks, a short drive to HUGE Savings!  Our inventory includes over 700 products at a fair price. Whether you’re celebrating the 4th of July, or throwing a graduation, birthday or anniversary party, MLF will set you up with a perfect night of fireworks that fits your budget!  Our staff can help you add an extra special flair to your wedding reception or New Year’s Eve party, too!

Our business grew out of Bert's passion for pyrotechnics. We sold out of a trailer for 12 years before moving into our new air-conditioned store in 2015. MLF is family owned and operated. Most of the staff members are our children, in-laws, or relatives (and we treat the rest of the staff like family, too).

Our "only the good stuff" slogan means we test and evaluate every product before it goes on our shelves. If it doesn't pass our "8 out of 10" rating system for awesomeness and value, we don't stock it.

We take pride in having a friendly and knowledgeable staff. We can recommend particular products based on what you're looking for, whether that's lots of sound, various effects, certain colors, or fun novelties for the children. We'll even set up a show for you at no extra cost. Just tell us your budget and what you're looking for, and we'll pick out fireworks for you and tell you what order to light them off in.

You'll want to make a trip to Maximum Load Fireworks an annual tradition for your family! With our scenic country location, free petting zoo, and over-the-top pyro enthusiasm, you're sure to make great memories even before you get home and light off your purchases.

Brands We Carry In Store

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Brothers Fireworks Logo.png
Dominator Logo.png
Red Rhino Logo.png
Pyro King Logo.png
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pyro-predator Logo.jpeg
Mad Ox Fireworks Logo.png
T-Sky Logo.jpeg
Winda Fireworks Logo.png
World Class Fireworks Logo.png
Boomin Bulldog Logo.jpg
Bright Star Logo.jpg
Fireworks Complex Logo.jpg
Shogun Logo.jpg
Planet X Fireworks.jpg
Golden Bear Logo.jpg
Legend Fireworks LOGO.jpg
Boomer fireworks.png
Top Gun Logo.jpg
Pyro Diablo Logo.jpg
Pyro Premium Logo.jpg
Miracle Logo.jpg
Fox Fireworks Logo.jpg
Racoon Fireworks Logo.jpg
Smoking Alien Logo.jpg
Warrior Fireworks.jpg
Shotgun Fireworks.jpg
76 Proline Fireworks Logo.jpg
Iron Man Logo.jpg
Ardi Fireworks.jpg
Happy Family Logo.jpg
Boom Wow Logo.jpg
Hog Wild Logo.jpg
Sky Bacon Logo .jpg
white Tiger Logo.jpg
Wise Guy Brand Logo.jpg
Fire Hawk Logo.jpg
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